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Pre-1989 Vehicle Checks

Official PPSR Certificate


Buying a car, bike, truck, trailer, or caravan manufactured prior to 1989? Our PPSR chassis number checks get the latest information from the national PPSR & NEVDIS databases. We provide official PPSR certificates with vehicle details, registration details, finance check, stolen vehicle check & write-off history. We also provide an on-screen summary, so you can get the information you need in seconds. Simply enter your chassis number, pay with credit card or PayPal, and get your PPSR check emailed instantly.

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PPSR Certificate

Finance Check

If you buy a vehicle with finance owing, you are responsible for that debt. We will provide you with details of encumbrances, loans, money owing etc.

Write-Off History

Many vehicles are re-sold after being written-off. We will provide you with the complete write-off history. e.g. collision, flood, hail etc.

Stolen Vehicle Check

Over 150 vehicles are stolen every day in Australia. Our checks include a national stolen vehicle check to help you avoid vehicles that have been reported stolen.

Registration Details

Get the vehicle registration details. e.g. registration plate number, registration expiry date, state or territory where the vehicle is registered etc.

Vehicle Details

Get an accurate description of the vehicle. e.g. vehicle type, make, model, colour, year, compliance date, engine number etc.

PPSR Certificate

All of our PPSR checks come with an official PPSR certificate, which includes encumbrances, write-off history, stolen vehicle data, vehicle & registration details.

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Our dedicated Australian-based support team is ready to answer any questions you might have. We ask that you please visit our FAQs page first, as there might be an answer already waiting for you.